A telco punch down tool with gray body.

Punch Down Tools

Punch Down Tools are essential for telco and network technicians to install keystone jacks and 110 blocks for telephone networks. These tools include a handle, an internal spring mechanism, and a removable slotted blade, which will install a wire and cut off any excess in a single action.

Network technicians should always have the Adjustable 66/110 Impact Punch Down Tool in their toolkit. It has a two-sided 110 and 66 cutting/terminating blade that can be stored in the handle.

For high-volume installations, the Palm Puck Punch Down Tool is ideal. It enables you to hold keystone jacks securely while terminating and prevents jacks from slipping out of your hand or off a work surface. It terminates and cuts excess wire for all eight wires in one squeeze, reducing installation time. Palm Puck is compatible with CAT3/5E/6 keystone jacks.

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