Brightly colored ethernet patch cables installed in a rack mounted patch panel.

Ethernet Patch Cables

We have an extensive range of Ethernet Patch Cables whether you are buying cables for office, retail, or data center projects.

CAT5E - Today, this is one of the most widely used standards. CAT 5E cable is capable of performing up to 350 MHz and capable of speeds up to 1 Gbps.

CAT6 - The CAT 6 standard gives higher performance than CAT 5E. Cat 6 can perform up to 550 MHz and is designed for 1 Gbps networking. However, CAT 6 can support 10 Gbps speeds over shorter distances.

CAT6A - This standard is the next evolution of the CAT6 type described above. The “A” is for augmented CAT6A, which significantly increased performance over CAT6 and is designed for 10 Gbps networking.

CAT8 - CAT8 is for data center applications, primarily designed to interconnect switches, servers, blade chassis, etc. Capable of 25/40 Gbps networking.

We stock Ethernet Patch Cables in various lengths and colors to suit your needs. Don’t see what you need? We can also provide custom lengths too.

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