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Server Rack Shelves are designed to provide mounting for non-rack mountable equipment within server racks, cabinets, or enclosures. We have an extensive range of 19 inch server rack shelves, including:

  • Fixed Shelves - Fixed shelves are designed to hold heavy equipment such as tower servers and floor-standing UPS devices.
  • Sliding Shelves - Sliding shelves are designed to slide on rails attached to your equipment rack for easy access to the equipment it supports.
  • Ventilated Shelves - Ventilated shelves have perforations that allow airflow through the shelf that help keep your equipment cooler than a solid shelf.
  • Cantilever Shelves - Cantilever shelves are open-frame shelves that attach to the front or rear vertical rack rails; they are suitable for equipment such as small switches, modems, and compute modules.

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