Riser Rated Unshielded Fire Alarm Cable, 16/4 Solid FPLR, Red - 1000ft

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Unshielded Riser Fire Alarm Cable, FPLR, 16/4 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors - 1000ft

Our Unshielded Riser Fire Alarm Cable is designed for vertical applications, such as risers, shafts, and stairwells. With its 16/4 AWG solid bare copper conductors, this cable is ideal for connecting fire alarm systems between floors of a building.

Our Unshielded Riser Fire Alarm Cable complies with all relevant industry standards, including FPLR (Fire Power Limited Riser). This ensures that your fire alarm system meets all necessary safety requirements.

Commercial Application Power Limited CL2R/FPLR Rated Unshielded


  • Vertical fire alarm cable
  • 16/4 AWG solid bare copper conductors
  • FPLR compliant fire alarm cable
Inner Conductor: Solid Bare Copper
Conductor Size: 16 AWG
Insulation: PVC
Nominal OD: 5.11mm
Outer Jacket Diameter: 0.381mm
Jacket Material: PVC
Shielding: No
Voltage Rating: 300 Volts

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