RG6 Siamese Coaxial Cable, 18 AWG, 60% AL Braid, Dual Shielded, 500ft. - Black

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Enjoy clear, reliable performance with our RG6 Siamese Coaxial Cable. Perfect for CCTV systems and security cameras, its dual-shielded design defends against outside interference, ensuring strong signal quality.

Our cable features a tough, UV-resistant jacket that stands up to the elements. Ready-to-go in a convenient pull box, it's designed for easy installation and handling. Connect with confidence, whether for home or business surveillance solutions.

  • RG6 Siamese Coaxial Cable tailored for CCTV and surveillance systems
  • 18 AWG copper-clad core boosts signal strength
  • Dual Shielded with 100% aluminum foil and 60% aluminum braid
  • UV-resistant to endure outdoor conditions
  • 500ft pull-box convenience
  • Reliable data transmission with up to 3.0GHz sweep test.

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