Strain Relief Boot for Unshielded Quick Feed Modular Plugs - 25 Pack

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These Strain Relief Boots are designed for our unshielded Quick Feed RJ45 plugs to help protect custom-made patch cords from damage or disconnections. Strain relief boots protect the connection point when pulled on or reconnected multiple times, extending the life of your custom-made cables. This slip-on boot has a snagless design to help prevent damage to the locking tab of the connector when the cable is pulled through racks, walls, and other cable management.

Installation is quick and easy. Slide the boot onto the cable before termination. After the modular plug has been crimped onto the cable, slide the boot up the cable until you see the boot clip into the RJ45 Plug.

  • Prolong patch cord life.
  • Maintain the bend radius, stopping the cable from being overextended
  • Clip-in prongs are designed to fit inside the shielded plug
  • Designed for our unshielded Quick Feed RJ45 plugs

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