Plenum Nylon Cable Tie, 3 Lengths, 50 lbs - 100 pcs

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Organize and secure your cables in a plenum-rated environment with these plenum nylon cable ties. With a tensile strength of 50 pounds, these cable ties are suitable for securing medium to large cables and wires.

This pack of 100 cable ties comes in three lengths, providing the versatility to handle various cable management needs. These cable ties are plenum-rated, making them suitable for air handling spaces such as ducts and plenums.

These cable ties feature a self-locking mechanism that makes them easy to use and secure. Use them to organize cables in your commercial or residential building or bundle cables together for a neat and tidy appearance.

With their plenum rating and high-quality construction, these plenum nylon cable ties are essential for cable management in commercial and residential buildings.


  • UL Listed
  • 50 lbs. tensile strength
  • Low profile head

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