Modular Plug Crimp Tool - RJ45, RJ11 & RJ22

SKU: TLC-005
Regular price $26.99

Crafted for seamless telecom and network jobs, our ratchet crimp tool secures RJ45 and RJ11 connectors. It includes a steadfast ratcheting crimping tool mechanism, ensuring each pinch is precise.

With a simple quick-release feature, repetitive tasks are made more accessible. Our model also has a built-in stripper for silver satin cables, delivering versatility for various project needs.

  • Effortless wiring with ratchet crimping tool
  • Secure RJ 45, RJ11 connections every time
  • Precision crimp with ratcheting crimp mechanism
  • Quick-release for fast operation
  • Includes RJ 45 crimp tool function
  • Easily strip cables with built-in silver satin stripper 

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