Single Gang HDMI & F-81 Wall Plate

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This wall plate has an integral right-angled HDMI connector and a gold-plated coaxial F-81 connector barrel.

  • Convenient Single Gang Wall Plate for Easy HDMI and Coax Connections: Our Single Gang HDMI & F-81 Wall Plate provides a suitable solution for your audio, video, and cable connections. It features one HDMI connector and one F-81 coax connector, allowing you to easily connect your devices and cable to your wall-mounted TV or home theater system.
  • Easy to Install Wall Plate for Hassle-Free Setup: Our Single Gang HDMI & F-81 Wall Plate is designed for easy installation, with a simple snap-in design that requires no special tools or training. It fits into any standard single gang wall box and can be quickly and easily installed by anyone, even beginners.

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