EXO Crimp Tool with Black EZ-RJ45 Die Set

SKU: TLC-006
Regular price $99.99

Our versatile crimp connector tool ensures precise wire connections every time. Designed for comfort, the thermoplastic handles enable long work periods without strain.

The reversible die accommodates left- and right-handed users, with a specialized EZ-RJ45, die set for secure crimps on shielded connectors. Locking push button ensures safe storage. Perfect for novices and pros, expect flawless results with each use. 

  • Single action for crimping and trimming
  • Interchangeable, reversible die for comfort
  • Includes EZ-RJ45, RJ45 connector crimping tool attachment
  • Ergonomic thermoplastic handles
  • Secure push button lock
  • Ensures accurate connector placement

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