Ratchet Crimp Tool for Quick Feed RJ45 Plugs

SKU: TLC-008
Regular price $79.99

This ratcheting crimping tool is designed for our Quick Feed RJ45 plugs. It has a built-in wire cutter and stripper and is capable of working with large-diameter cables.

The straight action crimping motion ensures a uniform crimp. It features precision cast crimping prongs with rubber handles to provide extra comfort and grip for extended usage. Additionally, it has an all-steel frame with a rust-resistant black oxide finish.

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  • Crimps and Cuts Extended Wire in Quick Feed RJ45 Connectors in a Single Action
  • Compatible with CAT5E & CAT6 Quick Feed RJ45 Connectors
  • Compatible with RJ12/11 Connectors (except amp)
  • Provides 360 Degrees of Connector Support During Crimping
  • Built-in Wire Cutter and Stripper