CAT8.1 LSZH Bulk Ethernet Cable, Solid Copper, SFTP - 23 AWG

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CAT8.1 LSZH Bulk Ethernet Cable, Solid Copper, Shielded (S/FTP), 40GBase-T - 23 AWG

CAT8.1 cable is specially designed for data center applications, specifically “top of rack” and “end of row” topologies. The CAT8 standard is limited to 30 meters (100ft.) for 40G speeds. CAT8.1 cable is compatible with RJ45 interfaces.

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  • Helpful Jacket Markings: Avoid cable wastage and sequential foot markers printed on the jacket. It also includes specification details, which are essential for proving building compliance.
  • Cost Savings: Copper cabling is always cheaper than fiber; copper networks do not need transceivers or the extra power requirements their fiber counterparts require. A CAT8 network running at 40G over a 30-meter run will not require more power than a 10G network over 100 meters.
  • Deployment: Like any other category of cabling, CAT8 can be terminated on-premises; this makes installation easy to manage. Additionally, it is a plug-and-play solution, just like different categories of cable, making setup and use more straightforward and versatile than equivalent fiber technologies.
  • S/FTP Shielded: Each pair of wires is AL Foil shielded with an overall braid shield to help eliminate interference in noisy environments.
Cable Type CAT8.1
Shielding Type Dual Shielded (S/FTP)
Indoor Rated YES
Outdoor Rated NO
Jacket Material LSZH
Conductor Type Solid Bare Copper
Supported Data Rate 40GBase-T
Tested Frequency 2000 MHz
Gauge 23 AWG
Cable Outer Diameter 7.8mm ± 0.5mm
Drain Wire YES