Unshielded RJ45 Flex Connector, PoE+ - CAT6A

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The CAT6A Unshielded Flex Connector's unique patented design allows you to construct patch cables that hang vertically from the patch panel or a wall plate, keeping cables out of the way.

These CAT6A flex connector heads can swivel 90 degrees down and 45 degrees upward, allowing installation options for confined areas. These flex connectors are designed for Ethernet cable with an outside diameter of up to 9.0mm with wire gauges between 26 - 22 AWG.

These connectors work with solid and stranded conductors at 10 Gigabit speed and are tested to up to 1GHz. This flex connector is rated to PoE+ standards.

  • Tool-Less termination design
  • 26 - 22 AWG cables (OD up to 9.0mm)
  • Works with both solid and stranded cables
  • Tested up to 1GHz
  • 10G certified
  • PoE+ rated

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