CAT6 High-Density Unshielded Keystone Jack - U-Style

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Our CAT6 High-Density line is our premier line of data jacks; they are engineered with Press-fit PCB technology, phosphor bronze IDC contacts, gold-plated pins, and a fire-retardant plastic housing. These jacks are engineered to simplify the termination process, helping you save time and money.

Press-Fit technology increases reliability over traditional soldered construction. This is achieved by inserting the IDC and RJ-45 contacts into a PTH (Plated-Through Hole) on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) without using solder.

Since Press-Fit technology does not use solder, the jack doesn't contain any lead (Pb), and there isn't excess heat applied during construction, increasing reliability and durability.

  • Tested up to 600 MHz
  • 8 Pins x 8 Conductors
  • High-Density, Slim Body
  • Fire Retardant Housing
  • "Gas-Tight" Electrical Connections
  • Gold-Plated Nickel Contacts
  • Phosphor Bronze IDC Contacts
  • Easy-to-Read Wiring Label
  • Fire Retardant Plastic Housing
  • Exceeds EIA/TIA Standards
  • Available in Multiple Colors

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