CAT5E Outdoor Bulk Ethernet Cable, Double Jacket, FTP, 24 AWG - 1,000 ft

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This CAT5E shielded outdoor ethernet cable has a water-blocking jacket between the foil shielding and the conductors. This water-blocking layer adds moisture protection that protects water from the conductors.

The conductors are solid bare copper with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) insulation; the outer jacket is Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), and the water-blocking jacket is PVC.

The shielding is aluminum foil with a tinned copper drain wire to prevent signal loss, crosstalk, and other performance issues.

  • UV-Resistant Jacket: The CMX jacket is UV-resistant, waterproof, and weatherproof. It is designed to be directly buried in a conduit—the water-blocking jacket is designed to repel moisture and protect the inner conductors.
  • Foil Shielded: AL Foil shielding to help eliminate interference in noisy environments.
  • Helpful Jacket Markings: Avoid cable wastage with sequential foot markers printed on the jacket. Includes specification details; don't fail an inspection!
  • Applications: Outdoor construction projects, burial in conduit, and installation in underground environments.
Cable Type CAT5E Outdoor with Water Block
Shielding Foil Shielded (F/UTP)
Indoor Rated N/A
Outdoor Rated YES
Jacket Material CMX & PVC
Conductor Type Solid Bare Copper
Supported Data Rate 2.5GBASE-T
Maximum Operating Frequency 350 MHz
Gauge 24 AWG
Outer Diameter 5.6 ± 0.5mm
Drain Wire YES

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