CAT5E Outdoor Bulk Ethernet Cable, Solid Copper, SF/UTP, 24 AWG - 1,000 ft

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Our CAT5E outdoor ethernet cable is perfect for underground use. It is waterproof and directly buried, ensuring a secure network connection. A shielded design keeps your data safe from interference, even outdoors. The 1,000ft length provides ample reach, while its robust construction is ideal for demanding environments. Perfect for anyone needing a reliable internet connection that can handle the elements. Ideal for outdoor networks, this cable is constructed to last.

  • Optimized for underground use: CAT5E Outdoor Waterproof Ethernet Cable Direct Burial 1000ft.
  • Shielding: CAT5E Outdoor Waterproof Ethernet Cable Direct Burial Shielded for interference protection.
  • Solid and secure: Direct Burial Ethernet Cable with SF/UTP double shielding.
  • High-speed capability: Tested up to 350MHz for fast data transmission.
  • Easy to manage: Sequential foot markers on the jacket prevent waste during installations.
  • Versatile installations: Suitable for various outdoor and underground projects.
    Cable Type CAT5E Direct Burial
    Shielding Double Shielded (SF/UTP)
    Indoor Rated N/A
    Outdoor Rated YES
    Jacket Material LDPE
    Conductor Type Solid Bare Copper
    Supported Data Rate 2.5GBASE-T
    Maximum Operating Frequency 350 MHz
    Gauge 24 AWG
    Outer Diameter 6.8 ± 0.5mm
    Drain Wire YES

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