CAT5E Data Network Termination Tool Kit

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This Cat5E termination tool kit has all the necessary components to create professional-quality shielded patch cables.

Whether wiring your home, office, or entire campus, this Cat5E tool kit will make your job easier and produce professional results. This kit is ideal for indoor and outdoor voice, data, video, and security networking projects. The rugged hard carrying case is durable plastic with two locking hinges to secure your tools. You can purchase slip-on boots and modular plugs separately to refill your toolkit.

Adjustable Cable Stripper and Cutter for CAT5E Cable

This durable and compact cable stripper will quickly and easily strip Cat5E shielded bulk cable; its spring-loaded design ensures fast and clean cuts. The large finger loop allows for stripping by spinning the tool around the cable and helps reduce installation time. It also features a self-adjustable cable placeholder and a durable blade for longer life.

Ratchet Crimp Tool for Quick Feed RJ45 Modular Plugs

The ratcheting crimping tool is designed for quick-feed RJ45 plugs. The ratcheted straight-action crimping motion ensures an accurate crimp every cycle while cutting excess wire from the front of the plug. The built-in wire cutter and stripper make this crimping tool extremely versatile, while the all-steel frame with rust-resistant black oxide finish ensures a long and productive life. The molded rubber handles provide comfort and grip over extended periods of usage. The Crimping tool is suited to working with larger diameter network cables.

Network Cable Fault and Continuity Tester for CAT5E Cable

This cable tester quickly and easily checks for open circuits, shorts, reversals, and split pairs for shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables. The debug mode quickly identifies which cable pairs have a specific wiring fault.

CAT5E Quick Feed RJ45 Plug for Solid and Stranded Cable

The CAT5E quick feed RJ45 plug allows the conductors to go through the front of the jack at once for proper wire alignment before termination. These connectors place the twisted wire pairs in a straight line with one another and prevent staggering; this reduces the risk of crosstalk at the connector. They are compatible with 23 AWG to 26 AWG cables and use three-prong, gold-plated conductors.

CAT5E Quick Feed RJ45 Strain Relief Boot

These Strain Relief Boots are designed to be used with our quick-feed RJ45 plugs. They do not add to the width of the plug, making them ideal for high-density installations.

These slip-on boots also include a locking tab protector to help prevent the connectors from snagging when pulling the cable through racks and walls. 

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