Airconsole 4-Port Expansion Module

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Expand your Airconsole Standard, Pro, or XL single serial port to 4 ports using this replacement USB-Serial cable kit.

  • Access 4 ports concurrently via WIFI or Wired Ethernet connection
  • Use the built-in Airconsole web terminal to access any port from within the browser
  • It works with a Mac or PC directly attached to a USB port or wirelessly via any Airconsole.
  • Expandable to 8 or 12 ports via an additional four-port kit
  • A Bluetooth adapter (not included) allows access to the first port via Bluetooth and WIFI. Bluetooth supports BLE (BT4.0) on iOS/Mac and BT2.1 on Windows/Android.

The four-port Cable Kit turns Airconsole into a powerful four-port terminal/device server. Using our latest firmware (download free), existing Airconsoles can be expanded to support a four-port cable rather than the standard single-port cable.

Each cable operates independently and concurrently over a WIFI or Wired connection to Airconsole. It will appear as four independent COM ports connected directly to a PC or Mac without Airconsole.

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