LGX Adapter Plate, 6 SC Duplex Couplers - Multimode

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SC Multimode LGX Adapter Plate with 6 Horizontal Duplex Couplers

This fiber adapter plate is configured with six clip-in duplex multimode SC connectors, giving 12 ports. These couplers are horizontally oriented, include plastic flanges, and are designed for multimode applications. It fits the most common fiber optic patch panels that use the LGX standard.

Comparable to Corning's CCH-CP12-91 & CCH-CP12-G7

Adapter Count 6 Adapters
Fiber Count 12 Fibers
Fiber Mode Multimode
Adapter Type SC Duplex (with flange)
Polish PC
Sleeve Material Phosphor Bronze
Panel Material Cold Rolled Steel
Dimensions (H x W) 30mm x 130mm

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