3ft CAT6 Slim Ethernet Patch Cable

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Experience seamless network performance with our 3ft CAT6 slim cable. Crafted for compact spaces, its 28 AWG thin design ensures an uncluttered setup. The versatile 3ft length suits various environments, offering robust connectivity without excess bulk.

It smoothly supports high-speed data transfer and is ideal for bustling data centers or home offices. Connect efficiently, benefit from space-saving design, and maintain optimal performance with this sleek Ethernet solution.

  • Slim and space-saving 3ft CAT6 patch cable
  • 28 AWG Ethernet cable for reduced bulk
  • Supports 5GBase-T for high-speed networking
  • 3.6mm outer diameter for dense installations
  • Flexible PVC jacket with stranded copper conductors
  • Efficient data handling for home or data center use
Cable Type
CAT6 Slim Snagless
Cable Length
3 ft. (tip to tip)
Unshielded (UTP)
Jacket Material
PVC - Indoor Rated Jacket
Conductor Material
Bare Copper Stranded Conductors
Data Rate
5GBase-T (10GBase-T up to 55 Meters)
28 AWG
Outer Diameter
3.6 ± 0.15mm

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