12-24 Cage Nuts - 50 Pack

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Kendall Howard 12-24 cage nuts create a threaded mounting hole for mounting equipment on racks with universal rack rails which are commonly found in server enclosures, open frame racks, and wall mount cabinets.

Universal mounting rails, also known as cage nut style rails, are the most common and preferred type of rails used in the industry today.

  • Snap-in Design - Captive nut with a spring steel cage featuring wings that can be compressed to snap into the square holes found in universal/punched panel rails. Unlike slide on cage nuts, this design locks the nut securely in place.
  • Easy to Replace - Take away the hassle of dealing with stripped holes in tapped rails. If you strip a cage nut they can easily be replaced in the field, saving you time and money.
  • Choose Your Size - Using universal rack rails and cage nuts gives you the flexibility to use whatever size hardware you prefer. You can even use multiple sizes in the same installation. So now you can use smaller rack screws and cage nuts for lightweight rack shelves, cable managers, and spacer blanks, and larger hardware for heavier equipment such as servers, UPS’s and KVM switches.
  • Added Strength - The construction and materials used are better suited for threading than what is used in full size tapped rails. This provides a stronger, more durable fastening solution.
Pack Qty 50 pcs
Thread 12-24
Width 0.52"
Depth 0.36"
Height 0.5"
Shipping Weight 1.20 lbs.
Material Steel
Color/Finish Clear Zinc Finish
Data Sheet
Cut Sheet

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