1000BASE-BX10-D WDM Bi-Directional Single-mode SFP - Cisco Compatible

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This 1000BASE-BX10-D SPF is designed for use with single-mode fiber, giving a range of up to 20 kilometers. It is a single port, bi-directional SFP that transmits on 1490nm and receives on 1310 nm.

It is Cisco and MSA (uncoded) device compatible and supports DOM (SFF-8472), allowing real-time monitoring of the SFP.

Comparable to Cisco's GLC-BX-D and compatible with Cisco switches.

Form Factor: SFP
Cable Type: Single-mode (SMF)
Interface: Simplex LC
Data Rate: 1 Gbps
Wavelength: TX-1490nm/RX-1310nm
Reach: 20 Km

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