CAT6 Slim Unshielded Ethernet Patch Cable

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CAT6 Snagless Unshielded Slim Network Patch Cable - 28AWG

Our slim Cat6 Ethernet cables are only 28AWG, making the diameter of the cable 3.6mm. Regular 24AWG cables are 6mm in diameter! These small-diameter patch cables are designed for sizeable data center wiring deployments or any other installation where space is at a premium. There are three main benefits to using slim patch cables:

  • The reduced surface area provides better airflow leading to reduced temperatures.
  • The thinner 28AWG conductors have a smaller bend radius than standard cables, allowing easier routing in tight spaces.
  • Slim patch cables weigh less than their standard counterparts, putting less stress on their connectors and patch panel ports and reducing the overall weight of your installation.

These cables can run 10GBase-T at a reduced length, depending on the environment they will be installed. When used for 10GBASE-T, the CAT6 cable's maximum length is 55 meters (180 ft).

However, if you are bundling cables together, that distance is reduced to around 30 meters (100 ft). These are approximate figures; the actual result will depend on your environment. Please use CAT6A cables for the best results for 10GBASE-T networks.

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  • Cable Type
  • Slim Snagless Molded Boots
  • Unshielded (UTP)
  • Indoor-Rated PVC Jacket
  • Bare Copper Stranded Conductors
  • 1000Base-T
  • Tested to 550MHz
  • Slim Construction - 28 AWG
  • 3.6 ± 0.15mm OD